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Code maintainability, and the joy of outsourcing

Accord­ing to com­mon wis­dom, the best code is devel­oped in-house. I am begin­ning to believe this is only true when the code must be tightly cou­pled, or there are real­is­tic secu­rity con­cerns. These sce­nar­ios are less com­mon than man­agers like to believe.
For run-of-the-mill devel­op­ment projects, out­sourc­ing might have advan­tages above-and-beyond cost sav­ings. If your code effort

Lean Startup, and The Stooges

Okay, I’m ready.
After read­ing a hand­ful of arti­cles mak­ing ten­u­ous con­nec­tions between entre­pre­neur­ship and music, including :

The Noto­ri­ous CEO: Ten Startup Com­mand­ments from Big­gie Smalls
Being like The Sex Pis­tols can help your startup?

I’ve decided to come out and share my favorite startup music.
Dirt, by The Stooges, is a proto-punk cut that sprawls for seven-minutes, brood­ing and smol­der­ing. It