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This site automagically organizes Hacker News (through October 13th, 2009) so that you can browse threads and topics.

Expand your knowledge on a topic. Discover tangents from threads and find connections between topics you didn't realize were related.

Topics and related articles are determined automatically. Auto-tagging and topic inference has been discussed several times on MetaOptimize.
We index Hacker News threads through October 13th, 2009. Indexing is based only upon the comment thread, not the content of outlinks. We discard from the index any articles with very short comment threads. Data was graciously provided to us by Mike Cheng of SearchYC, a great site for searching Hacker News.
If people find this site useful, I will get a current crawl of Hacker News, as well as all outlink text. This will give a larger index and better topics.

MetaOptimize and this site are not affiliated with Hacker News or YCombinator. MetaOptimize is Joseph Turian (bravura on HN) and collaborators. To learn more about large-scale NLP + machine learning techniques, check out our Q+A site and our blog. If you would like us to auto-organize your site, contact me. And if you would like help building large data tools, we consult on data monetization, NLP, ML, etc.

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