HLBL language model

Code: Andriy Mnih was kind enough to run his HLBL code on our data.

Data: [ README | 50 dim | 50 dim unscaled | 100 dim | 100 dim unscaled | scale-embeddings.py ]

Brown clusters

Code: Percy Liang's C++ implementation of Brown clustering, version 1.2.

Data: [ README | 100 classes | 320 classes | 1000 classes | 3200 classes ]

CRF Chunking with word representations

Code: Here is code for CRF chunking using word representations.

Perceptron NER with word representations

Code+Models: Go here to read about and download a package of the perceptron NER with word representations, code and models.

Random indexing word representations

Code: Here is code for inducing random indexing word representations. This code was NOT used in any of our published experiments, but is included for those who are curious.