I have been recently working with a simple robotics kit. I want to develop and experiment with different motion planning algorithms. Unfortunately I have no idea about the underlying math for kinematics. Specifically, the mathematics for underlying four-wheeled vehicles. Does anybody have a good general resource for motion planning, kinematics for wheeled vehicles in general, or my specific case?

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For motion planning you could start with Planning Algorithms. The majority of the book focuses on motion planning. For kinematics you might try Stanford's Intro to Robotics. Pretty much the whole course focuses on kinematics. Transcripts and videos are online.

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Optimal Estimation of Dynamic Systems (Crassidis & Junkins) is a good book for working with dynamic systems in general, but the examples they give are almost exclusively in the domain of aircraft, satellites, and similar vehicles.

I recommend it, however, because of the math it teaches. In short, it's the first treatment of calculus using matrices I've encountered that was readable on the first pass.

Primary topics covered are: least squares, dynamical systems, parameter and state estimation (Kalman filter). This is all followed up with a fair number of examples and a smattering of optimal control & estimation theory.


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