I'm looking for detailed empirical studies of machine learning algorithms that try to shed light on the strengths and weaknesses of different methods. Most papers take the form "here is a standard method... here is my method... I win! Yay!" I'm looking more for conclusions along the lines "method X does well under situation 1 and poorly under situation 2." I think these types of references would be very useful for anyone getting started with or learning to apply machine learning techniques to real-world problems. Some references off the top of my head are:

C. Perlich, F. Provost, J. Simonoff Tree induction vs. logistic regression: a learning-curve analysis JMLR 2003

A Niculescu-Mizil, R. Caruana An empirical comparison of supervised learning algorithms ICML 2006

E. Bernado Mansilla, T.K. Ho On classifier domains of competence ICPR 2004

I. Rish An empirical study of the Naive Bayes classifier IJCAI 2001

Surveys of work within specific problem domains (e.g. imbalanced data, very large data, very small data, high-dimensional data, non-stationary data) would also be of interest as long as the strengths and weaknesses of algorithms are discussed. I would imagine that there are tons, but they are highly scattered in time and publication venue. Any pointers would be great. Don't be afraid to promote your own work.

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I found the R. Caruana paper (the one listed) and his others very enlightning and helpful in creating high quality ensembles. In case you haven't seen this already here is a presentation he gave about the results of that paper.

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Here's another one: "An empirical evaluation of supervised learning in high dimensions" by Caruana et al. 2008

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Here's a freely available copy from the IMLS website: http://www.machinelearning.org/archive/icml2008/papers/632.pdf

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Some possibly low-quality comparisons:

  1. If the MetaOptimize challenge results get posted, it will be one more empirical evaluation of a number of ML and NLP techniques. Link to relevant MO question.

  2. Comparison of Artificial Neural Network with Logistic Regression as Classification Models for Variable Selection for Prediction of Breast Cancer Patient Outcomes.

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