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Social media analysis


  • Who are the authorities and influencers for a particular topic?


  • How does a marketing message expand through the social media sphere?

Automatic topic categorization

  • Do you have web pages or text documents, and want to organize them by topic?
  • Do you have a collection of resumes, and want to figure out the skills of each candidate?
  • Clustering and summarization


  • How can you quickly understand a large collection of text?
  • How can you distill and summarize many conversations or tweets into the core discussions?

  • Intelligent spidering and data collection

  • How do you find emerging discussion about a particular topic, particularly if keyword search doesn't work?
  • How would you find all new technology conferences as they're announced, and determine their name, location, and date?
  • Ecommerce profit optimization


  • Is MSRP plus X% really the right price to maximize your profit?
  • How do you price the items in your catalog, especially if you have hundreds of thousands of SKUs?
  • Recommendation and personalization

  • How can you upsell your customers on related products and services?
  • How do you increase engagement by personalizing your users' experience with your product?